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Assisted Care Reduces Elderly Falls Linked to Dementia

Posted by Ruby Cemental on Nov 24, 2015 7:30:00 PM

Hand_on_Elderly_Shoulder-LR.jpgElderly patients suffering from dementia can have joy, contentment and comfort when receiving optimal care from qualified and concerned caregivers. Providing an individualized care program that targets the specific needs of the patient is required to promote the strengths of the patient and lessen the effects of their weaknesses. Since dementia has many stages and affects persons in different ways, a complete assessment of the patients background and abilities is a good starting point. Creating a goal oriented program of care can then be established that will not only increase the patients quality of life, but also can also help reduce elderly falls linked to dementia.

  • Persons with dementia tend to wander without direction, putting themselves into unfamiliar territory and at risk for falling. Redirecting their attention to present surroundings, will relieve anxiety and lessen the frustration associated with needing to go somewhere.
  • Maintaining uncluttered walking paths and removing any tripping hazards is key to preventing dementia related falls. Diminished cognitive abilities removes the mental clarity needed to navigate complex environments.
  • Providing visual clues to changes in the environment is helpful as a the patient has reduced spatial recognition. This may include providing a clear, contrasting color at the top and bottom of stairs or using brightly colored notes on surfaces to grab the patients attention.
  • If the patient is falling frequently, a vigilant caregiver can recognize patterns that will help determine if the falls are due to physical or mental weaknesses, environmental problems or medication related.

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